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Value Added Services

COR Clearing offers numerous value-added services including:


COR Clearing utilizes the DTCC Insurance Services platform to link annuity contracts. As participants in this service, COR Clearing has access to a broad range of annuity families and active carriers.

This platform allows correspondents the opportunity to link, in an automated environment, annuity contract information so that it appears on customer brokerage statements. It also supports the transmission of annuity commissions which can then be combined with Investment reps’ other brokerage commissions and paid together at month end settlement.

Additionally, once a customer’s contract has been linked, the COR Clearing Annuity program gives the investment professional access to the following information on their workstation:

·       Annuity Name

·       Contract Number

·       Cusip

·       Contract Registration

·       Contract Positions

·       Contract Value

·       Cost basis tracking

·       Statement householding

Wrap Account

Add the convenience of fee-based account billing

Our Wrap platform is a fee-based account billing system that automates the process of calculating managed account fees by specified parameters set at the account level. Features of the Wrap billing system include:

  • Client invoices

  • Debit Advices

  • Automatic fee posting to client accounts

  • Separation of manager, rep, and house fees

  • Automatic or manual fee approval process

The COR Clearing Wrap platform can also be used to establish asset allocation models to balance positions held in client Wrap accounts. Features of our allocation and rebalancing software include:

  • Variable rebalancing parameters

  • Display summaries for all managed account models

  • Automatic trade suggestion as defined by allocation parameters


The EnvestNet Platform can help deliver SMAs to your clients. With a vast national network of money managers to choose from, how do you know which ones are best suited for your client’s diverse and personalized needs? How do you narrow down the money manager universe to select the best for your clients?

Envestnet’s manager selection process involves in-depth research and ongoing manager due diligence conducted by Envestnet’s experienced Fiduciary Management and Research (FM&R) team. With such thorough due diligence you can spend more time with your clients and less time worrying about which managers to select.

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